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While reading on several topics to prepare for one of my next posts, I have found these two video jewels that I have enjoyed a lot. The joy comes from several aspects.

First, because they agree on some ideas that I had already drafted on my post, that is always something rewarding. We, human beings, like to find people who share our ideas no matter how crazy the idea is. In my case, even when I have been thinking on a new product or service and have found that somebody else had already developed it, after the first initial disappointment of not being so innovative, I have found myself very happy because the idea was worth enough so that other people was already working on it.

Second, because it has answered some questions that I also had on mind that were blocking me to develop some initiatives, in fact, even finishing the post itself. Hopefully, now I will make more progress.

The first video is about testing new products. Not only the keynote is delivered in a very entertaining way it is also very clear and well structured and with brilliant ideas and paradigms. I may say that it is kind of US centric in some aspects(you will understand when watching it),  but except for that it is a ‘must see’ for any person considering to develop a new product/service in the Internet.

The second video, puts together several methodologies from different disciplines: Agile, Lean, new business creation and product definition are combined in a very natural way.

My conclusion, summarizing both videos, is:

The better your product is, the least mature it needs to be before being released because the most eager your users will be to enjoy it.

The conclusion can be more ellaborated but doing so would dillute the essential message, so I will explain it more in a future post.