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A critical view on Agile software development methodologies:

It is difficult to disagree or agree but I would highlight this paragraph from the conclusions in the article:

In fact, using a model such as The Frog and the Octopus is an effective way to engage people infected with Agile Fever because it removes reference to Agile from the discussion of software development altogether. Instead of putting an infectee immediately on the defensive by suggesting, for example, that an Agile based software development process may not be the best fit, a better tactic is to discuss the applicability and value of adopting development strategies in a general sense. Those discussions might include considerations that are typically associated with Agile based processes such as requirements flexibility, schedule elasticity, extent of customer engagement, ability to co-locate the staff, and any other attributes that might be relevant to the program’s context.

As a developer I have never had that feeling of “this or that programming language or technology fits all needs” and as a project manager the homologous condition would be equally dangerous. Methodologies and processes are a reference that always must be adapted to the specific needs of a project and organization.